Proceeds from this event enable SCOT to further promote the culture of Scotland in the Triangle through events like this and to support scholarships to students interested in furthering their pursuit of Scottish arts.

Tickets are now available for our 2024 event!

Highland Games Ticket: $20.00

Each ticket includes entry for 1 adult 21+ years.
Kids 5 and under free

Highland Games Kids Ticket: $10.00

Each ticket includes an entry for kids. 6-20 years old.

Kids 5 and under free

Parking and Extras

There are two parking options for the 2024 event:

Parking-VIP Onsite: $20.00

Parking for 1 vehicle. Parking at the distillery. 1212 N. Mineral Springs Durham, NC 27703
(Limited availability: 100 spaces)

Standard Parking & Shuttle Service-Offsite: $10.00

Parking for 1 vehicle at Oak Grove Ruritan Club 301 Stallings Rd, Durham, NC 27703 with shuttle service to the event.

Scottish Sword Fighting-Morning Class: $15.00

“Ow Ta Defeat Manny an Anglishmun”: Learn to use the Scottish two-handed Broadsword! In the movie Braveheart, William Wallace charges the English ranks wielding a large two-handed sword. This sword was the medieval Scottish two-handed sword or Claymore, which means great sword in Gaelic . In this class, the instructors of The Triangle Sword Conservatory will teach you the basics of fighting with this weapon including footwork, some strikes, defenses, and drills. You will wield safety weapons as you learn these techniques and participate in safety matches against the instructors.

Class period: 1 hour

Class Time: 10:30 am

Class size: 20 Students

Age range: Age 10+ 

Scottish Sword Fighting-Afternoon Class: $15.00

The afternoon version of the Scottish two-handed broadsword class, from the Triangle Sword Conservatory.

Class period: 1 hour

Class Time: 2:30 pm

Class size: 20 Students

Age range: Age 10+


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There are several hotels in the Durham area from which to choose to stay. Accommodation options will be published closer to the 2024 event.